About IndusViva

Company Profile : Founded by Olive Lifesciences - Bangalore on 17th January 2014, headquartered in World Trade Centre, Bengaluru. As per the 100th week (1st Jan. 2016), it has over 35,000 Direct Sellers spread across 16 states in India and continues growing rapidly. It remits the incentives of Direct Sellers on every following Monday without any processing fee.It is committed to pay 50% of its turnover to Direct Sellers. As the company is not holding an MLM distributorship we ensure no discrimination for Direct Sellers till the end. Within just 2 years it has organized 4 international events; at Dubai, Malaysia, Uzbekistan (Soviet Russia) and Singapore & Star Cruises with 50, 150, 250, 357 Delegates from INDIA respectively. Our corporate excellence, ethics and transparency made our year over year (YOY) growth rate over 300%, which is the highest among the major Direct Selling companies across the world. IndusViva's Direct Sellers are the first batch of trainees of MLM from Gulati Institute of Finance & Taxation, Trivandrum (established by Ministry of Finance), which is a statutory obligation. It is the first company that bills its products on MRP and ensures no sales tax and income tax loss for the state and central exchequers respectively.

Objectives :
To establish a direct selling MNC which people can rely upon for a life time, with World Class Exclusive WellnessProducts, and also to allow proper compensation to the distributors for their effort.

Philosophy :
We firmly believe that every people in this world have the right to achieve better health and wealth.

Vision :
We aspire to become the most dynamic and Sustainable Community Commerce Company in the world.

Mission :
We are committed to provide world class Wellness & Nutrition products, and help to enrich the lives of every distributor and customer associated with us.

Who We Are?
An entity inspired by the great heritage of India, starting from Indus Valley civilization and we are here to make everyone feel Viva.

What We Do?
We touch and transform individuals, and inspire them to move from 'Success' to 'ignificance'.

Why Viva?
We are The Right Community Commerce Company with The Right Products, The Right Compensation Plan, and The Right Distributor Leadership and For the Right Cause.

IndusViva -The Five Star Opportunity

1) IndusViva is the first company in India which has got the K-VAT Registration under MLM category. At Olive we have an installed monthly production capacity of 500 metric tons, cultivation of medicinal plants over 20000 acres, R&D Lab is recognized by DSIR of Union Ministry of Science & Technology, Business in 8 counties and awarded Gold Medal for herbal export by the Govt. of India.

2) Viva Products are formulated & developed by Bio-Actives Japan Corp. Tokyo, as per the Japanese Standards, carries 100% money back guarantee and AYUSH Premium Certification.

3) Viva's Income Plan is designed as per the Guidelines Issued by Govt. of Kerala. It is the most rewarding legitimate compensation plan in the world. At Viva we consider our Distributors as the most important asset of the company.

4) VibrantViva is the company owned & operated business education system, launched on 28th Sept. 2014at Olive Lifesciences’ Dubai office. First of its kind by any Direct Selling company in India to ensure each and every Distributor is professionally trained and mentored in every step of their career in Viva. www.vibrantviva.com.

5) Viva Care, what is good for India is good for IndusViva. As the patron of Indian Red Cross we encourage our distributor leaders to be a Red Cross volunteer by providing them 5,00,000/- Insurance coverage from United India Insurance Company.